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More than a logo. More than an idea. Our iconic black and yellow roundel represents a legacy. Just as meaningful now as it was when it began, those who've adorned it all embody one thing. Inherent originality.

It's the #BadgeOfAnOriginal.


Share your photos brandishing the #BadgeOfAnOriginal for the chance to win £250 of Barbour International. Find out more about our monthly competition and how to enter.

Discover #BadgeOfAnOriginal


Barbour International celebrates the free-spirited adventurer, the independent traveller, someone who goes off the beaten track to explore new horizons, opportunities and experiences. Find out where it all began.


This season, we're meeting a series of originals, who are pushing the boundaries in their lives whether that's through their career, their passion, or on the back of a bike.

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Hayden Roberts, a vintage motorbike mechanic, not only owns his own workshop in Santa Paula, down the road from where Steve McQueen lived, but has built and restored bikes for people all around the world.

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As the owner of Bolt motorcycles, Andrew shared his thoughts on escapism as we joined him on a ride away from the busy city of London to take in the fresh air of Mersea Island. This is what he had to say when we caught up with him.

Background image for MEET HENRY CREW


As an embodiment of the spirit associated with a Barbour International original, we caught up with Henry to escape the city of London on a ride to the stunning landscapes of the South Downs. Here’s what he had to say when we talked about his famous ride around the world, what motorcycling means to him, and what it means to be truly original.

Background image for MEET MONIKH DALE


To celebrate our SS20 Jacket collection, we’ve met with some original women to learn more about their lives in the city, and to talk all things city-living, being original and how they style the collection. Next up, we’re getting to know stylist and influencer Monikh Dale at her home in London, before heading out for a day in the city to explore what it has to offer.

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This season, we’ve met with some original women from cities around the world to find out more about their city lifestyles, as well as their favourite hotspots. First up, we’re getting to know journalist and influencer Katherine Ormerod in the city of London.


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