Badge of an Original: Competition

Badge of an Original: Competition

It’s the free-spirited adventurer, the independent traveller, the powerhouse innovator. The Badge Of An Original is the mark of originality at its finest. It’s Steve McQueen redefining style and wearing the revolutionised wax biker suit on the ISDT. It’s Olga Kevelos being the only woman ever to win two gold medals in ISDT events in her wax biker suit. It’s a mark that represents those who pave their own path and explore new horizons, opportunities and experiences.

Whether you’re hitting up a dusty open road on a motorbike, or leading an innovative new business in the heart of a big city, the Barbour International roundel has its place. Black and yellow, our roundel is instantly recognisable. It’s more than just the clothes on your back; it’s the Badge of an Original.

Badge Of An Original Competition

The Barbour International community is formed from a shared attitude; confidence, innovation, and inherent originality. It’s a place for like-minded individuals who share this outlook, to form something new and authentic.

This season, we’ll be meeting a series of originals who embody everything Barbour International stands for, to learn more about their passions, and their original attitude.

Barbour InternationalBarbour International


We’ll also be spotlighting originals from all over the globe, giving you the chance to win a Barbour International jacket, to continue carving your own path.

To enter, share a photo of yourself wearing your Barbour International gear via Instagram or Twitter tagging @barbourinternational and using the hashtag #BadgeOfAnOriginal. Make sure to also tell us what the Badge Of An Original means to you.

We’ll then select winners who best embody the original spirit of Barbour International. Make sure to read our terms and conditions before entering.

Discover more about our Badge Of An Original campaign here.