B.Intl Workshops: Building a Podcast with Cyran Bampton

B.Intl Workshops: Building a Podcast with Cyran Bampton

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamt of hosting your own podcast. It’s a great dream, but there’s one big question: how do you get started? Well, we reached out to our friend and host of the ‘Not Wonder Woman’ podcast, Cyran Bampton, to get her tips on starting your own original podcast. So sit back, take note, and get ready to be inspired.

There has never been a better time to start a podcast and for me the best podcasts are those where the podcasters really show up with unique voices, different stories and share their perspectives, opinions and knowledge. So, here are 5 steps to starting your own podcast with a unique voice:

Cyran Bampton wears Barbour International

Step 1: Decide what you’ll talk about

Which stories do you want to share or which topic do you want to educate people on? Deciding the topic of your podcast is the first and crucial step. Whilst there are lots of “popular culture” podcasts where podcasters simply talk about what is topical at that time, there are lots of niche podcasts that are related to specific industries or topics. For example, podcasts about fashion trends and beauty trends are very ‘here and now’, whereas storytelling podcasts or podcasts about specific areas of law or those related to a profession or those about building a business are also really popular.

Cyran Bampton recording her podcastCyran Bampton recording her podcast

Step 2: Chose the format of your show

Solo Podcast

A ‘talking head’ show that usually intends to inform or impart knowledge, where the show host is a voice of authority.

Co-hosted Podcast

A show of two people who talk amongst themselves about various topics of interest to the pair of them. They tend to be people that know each other well, but not always.

Interview Podcast

Usually one podcast host who organises interviews with lots of other interviewers, who may or may not have their own podcasts, who are either incredibly knowledgeable about a particular topic, or have a great story to tell.

Panel Podcast Show

At least 3 people, all of whom get together to discuss a topic and share their opinions. The podcast host needs to ensure that everyone gets a fair turn of speaking and that you can keep the conversation flowing and running to time.

Story-telling Podcast Show

Ordinarily a one-person show — possibly documentary style — where the host researches a topic in depth and then retells the story. It could be a mix of recorded interviews, b-roll audio of them in different locations, that really bring the listener along with them.

Cyran Bamptom wears Barbour International

Step 3: Create content your audience wants

Consider what you need to continue creating consistent content that suits you and your personality. Do you and your co-host have a good dynamic? Can you both commit to regularly recording content? If you’re thinking of an interview show, how will you find interview guests? Are you good at steering a panel to discuss the issues your audience is interested in? How will you link previous shows to the next show? How will you seek feedback from your listeners so that they can tell you what you want next? Can you anticipate and ask the questions you know your audience will want the answers to? Ask these questions, and what your audience wants will become clearer.

Step 4: Branding, length and frequency of your show

Deciding how frequently you want your show to run, and creating content that fits this, is crucial. Your audience really wants to know when they can hear from you again if they enjoy your show. You also have to ask yourself, how does your podcast fit into your lifestyle? Is a daily podcast achievable? If you want to check in with your listeners daily, you can do this by creating a really short ‘mini-sode’ that you record on-the-go possibly. Alternatively, a longer form podcast that people really set aside time to listen to when they’re exercising or making dinner is another option.

When considering the name of your show – it should represent you and your brand and not be a name that is already taken or used by someone else. There’s also your artwork. You can create this yourself or have someone create it for you, but this should also ‘represent’ you. The colour, the image, all of these go towards creating your unique voice.

Cyran Bamptom wears Barbour InternationalCyran Bamptom wears Barbour International

Step 5: Shout about it, and join the podcast community

Letting people know that your podcast exists is key. To begin with, you’ll need to get creative to get the word out about your new podcast. Use social media, tell friends and family, send it out via email to those you know. Be proactive and take your podcast to people.

Essentially, a podcast is another way for people to get to know you, bring your own unique voice to connect with people, share your opinions, seek your listeners opinions and continue to create content that you enjoy creating and that your listeners want to hear. Most of all, have fun! Podcasting is a great way to get creative.

Stay tuned to the Barbour International blog, for more guides on how to live life as an original at home.