B.Intl Workshops: Styling the Season Your Own Way with Copper Garden

B.Intl Workshops: Styling the Season Your Own Way with Copper Garden

Finding the perfect summer outfit can be tricky — do you go with comfort, style, is both even possible? Can we ever really know how to dress according to the British weather? So, we turned to Jess Shepard, creator of style and travel blog, Copper Garden, to give us her tips on styling five different signature summer looks.

Hello my name is Jess, I’m a fashion and lifestyle influencer otherwise known as Copper Garden. I’m taking over the Barbour International blog to share five ways to style their Bearings Jacket. It's a gorgeous belted lightweight wax jacket with gold hardware that is perfect for a British summer and looks great when layered with various outfits! Through this blog post, I’m going to show you five looks wearing Barbour International clothing for different occasions, so you can see the versatility of the jacket, so letʼs get started.

Ways to Wear #1: Classic & Comfy

Outfit one is a classic that can be easily changed up depending on the t-shirt you choose. I’ve teamed the Bearings jacket with some white trainers, black jeans and the Keeper over layer top, which is a lightweight sweatshirt style in a gorgeous pastel yellow that is really on trend but also very comfortable for every day. If you’re ever stuck with styling options for a jacket, a t-shirt and jeans make a really easy base to start with.

Classic and comfy look with Jess ShepherdClassic and comfy look with Jess Shepherd

Ways to Wear #2: Dress it Up

The second look is slightly more feminine and features the Hurdle dress in a lovely oatmeal colour. Itʼs a slightly thicker jersey in a midi style with pockets on the side. I’m obsessed with dresses at the moment, especially those that are comfortable like this. I’ve styled the dress with a simple black belt to shorten it a little and add a waist, along with some sandals.

Another styling option could be wearing the dress as a full midi with boots which looks gorgeous too. This is the kind of outfit that I would wear most days during the summer whether I’m off to a barbecue or spending some time with friends.

Dressy summer look with Jess ShepherdDressy summer look with Jess Shepherd

Ways to Wear #3: For a Rainy Day

The third outfit is for those slightly more British days when the rain makes an appearance or there’s a slight nip in the air. I’ve paired the Apex knit with some classic black jeans and black boots with the Bearings jacket loosely tied over the top as a statement. I love an all black, monochromatic look for summer as well as winter! It’s the perfect smart-casual outfit, and I love it!

Rainy day look with Jess ShepherdRainy day look with Jess Shepherd

Ways to Wear #4: Simple Summer Staples

For outfit number four, I thought I'd include one of my summer staples — a jumpsuit. The Zone jumpsuit is short sleeved with ribbon detailing across the shoulders, gold zipped pockets and a simple tie waist which is perfect for giving a more feminine look and making it feel more fitted. I have styled the jumpsuit with a simple pair of sandals, but you could easily switch these for some trainers if you’re running errands.

Barbour International summer staples with Jess ShepherdBarbour International summer staples with Jess Shepherd

Ways to Wear #5: Effortless Cool

The final outfit is a full tracksuit, which most people would think is purely for relaxing at home, but I wanted to share a simple way to make it look effortlessly cool. This tracksuit is made from the Podium hoodie and Sprinter trousers, which both feature gold ribbon detailing and feel super soft. I've teamed it with some classic white trainers and the Bearings jacket which instantly make the outfit come together and look more stylish. You could also wear it with a plain white t-shirt or switch out the trousers for some black jeans too.

I could have created a dozen more outfits and tried to use pieces which could be easily switched together for more options, but I hope you liked the ones that I created.

If you’d like to find me on Instagram, my handle is @CopperGarden.

Barbour International effortlessly cool look with Jess ShepherdBarbour International effortlessly cool look with Jess Shepherd

Stay tuned to the Barbour International blog, for more guides on how to live life as an original at home.