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#BarbourIntSessions: Lili Caseley Q&A

#BarbourIntSessions: Lili Caseley Q&A

barbour international sessions
autumn winter 2018

Emerging solo artist and singer-songwriter, Lili Caseley, brought her unique soulful sound to our special Christmas edition of the Barbour International Sessions. We had a chance to chat with her about her musical influences, her latest music, and why she loves performing live.

What kind of music can those tuning in to your Barbour International Session expect from you if they are not familiar with your sound already? How would you describe your sound?

Those tuning in can expect some soulful, RnB, pop music…with good feeling and something you can groove to.

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Is there anyone in particular who has influenced your sound?

I was always writing and performing since I was little, so I don’t know where exactly the desire came from, as it wasn’t pushed on me and my family are not musicians… I just fell in love with it! There are many artists who have influenced me, but not one name in particular. Some I have listened to since I was little are Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, Queen, Beyonce and currently Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean, Mariah…

You did a very special Christmas cover for us in your session, where you sang in French - what has your heritage brought to your music and why is it important to you that it is represented in your sound?

My mum is Portuguese and French, and my Dad is English, so I have been raised in London speaking both English and French and exposed to Portuguese. It opened up my access to different cultures and music from a young age and it comes out in the music sometimes because it’s a part of my identity.

Music and style have always been associated with one another, how do you use clothing to project your musical persona?

Well I like that as with a song, you can express yourself with an outfit. Alexander McQueen always wanted to design clothes so that women looked powerful and strong. I like that there is a creative, artistic element with a beautifully put together outfit. I love accessorising and collect jewellery from markets in Portugal, France and London, which add a unique and sometimes unusual aspect to the clothes.

Barbour International has its roots in motorcycle clothing, why do you think motorcycle style is so often adopted by musicians?

Cause it’s rebellious and rock’n’roll, and there’s a freedom and courage in being alone on a motorbike riding down a country road with your hair blowing in the wind without being bogged down with worries…riding towards adventure. That’s the image I get.

Who is on your playlist at the moment that you just can’t stop listening to?

Mariah Carey’s new album: Caution has got me good. I was ignorant and didn’t realise how much she wrote, I’m just listening now, trying to learn.

What exclusive news can you give us – is there a new single/album coming out or a show you are playing soon that you are especially excited about?

Yeah doing a wicked show for iluvlive in January, they’ve got their own house band who learn your music so I’m looking forward to getting involved.

You play a lot of gigs, and performing live requires confidence – how do you prepare for playing live?

The more gigs you do the more confident you get as you have more experience! It’s just about transforming your fear into motivation, using it as an accelerator rather than a break. You’ll notice that all performers describe a certain buzz or high after a show and its definitely worth getting through the nerves to feel it... A lot of rehearsing helps too!

You recently performed for the Barbour International Sessions, what did you enjoy about playing live? What was your favourite part about being involved?

I love singing and playing the music live and working with my musicians :Gio Velez and Leo Saubusse. The session was super smooth and felt comfortable, my favourite part was being filmed and being able to showcase our music mixed with fashion in a cool environment like Barbour International. A bit like when catwalks are curated to music.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest music? What inspired it and what is the story behind it? Is there anything from you in particular we should be listening to or that you’re most proud of?

My Single ‘Have I Ever’ recently came out and was inspired by a possible hangover induced existential crisis ha. I was feeling real lonely and sad and wondered whether I’d ever been in love. Wrote it all down, David Gledhill produced the music and we had fun with it.

Listen to my last single and the song I put out online before that, WCSBF, written to soothe the break up woes…

We’re nearly at the end of 2018. What has been your greatest achievement this year and what are you excited for coming up in the new year?

I think being a BBC Introducing featured artist, putting out a song I love, and connecting with people at shows! Looking forward to having more fun and releasing more music and doing more shows with more people to party with.

Tune in to the Barbour International Facebook page to catch Lili Caseley’s Session, coming out Thursday 13th December.