Style Through an Original’s Lens

Style Through an Original’s Lens

As a creative, it takes courage to find and follow your unique path but seeing the world through your own lens is the defining characteristic of a true original. We got to know photographer, Beatrice Granados, and content creator, Hannah Crosskey, to tell us about how they cultivate individual style in their work, and how the new Barbour International Sport Luxe collection helps them showcase and celebrate their originality.

Hannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's CollectionBeatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

Who or what inspired you to get into photography?

Beatrice: For as long as I can remember, photography has been present in my life. My grandfather was a photographer, and my dad grew up with that, so he tried to incorporate that into our childhood. When I was little, I planned photoshoots with my friends and carried my camera to all my travels.

Hannah: It wasn’t so much that I was inspired by anyone, more the lack of having someone to help me with my own photography, that led me to take matters into my own hands. I started in fashion over 10 years ago now, as a personal shopper. I wanted somewhere to showcase the clothes I was wearing to work, so I started photographing my outfits and posting them to Instagram. My iPhone turned into a Canon 5D, and not wanting to pester friends to be my photographers, I turned to a tripod and never looked back.

Hannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

You describe your work as a visual diary, can you tell us more about that?

Beatrice: What I like to capture with my work is a collection of moments, and things that inspire me. I think everyday can be turned into a photo or video, because our everyday life is beautiful in its own way and that’s what I like to represent with my photos.

What drew you to fashion and lifestyle as a subject for your work?

Hannah: It was definitely born out of a love of fashion. That, and my previous job as a personal shopper. I think styling myself was the greatest canvas and it has kind of evolved from there.

Beatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's CollectionBeatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

How do you see the world through your lens?

Beatrice: I think we live in a beautiful place and I try to capture that. I love to see the light everywhere. It's something that moves me. It could be a very plain, common background, but if the light is special, you are going to get a beautiful picture.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Hannah: I’m an early bird — I like to get up and start my day while the rest of the world is asleep. I usually shoot my content at sunrise as the light is gorgeous first thing. Once I’m home, I reply to my unanswered emails and admin. Throughout the day I fit in my editing, capturing content for social media, updating my blog and pitching to brands. Every day is different!

Beatrice: I usually wake up, have breakfast while I watch something and then plan my day. I work in social media so the first thing in the morning would be to post and catch up. Then I get ready and plan the day’s shoot. I normally work with analogue photography, so if the roll is finished, I will go to the lab and leave my negatives to develop. When they are ready, I'll scan them and edit them — it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Hannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's CollectionHannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

Talk us through your process when planning for a shoot…

Beatrice: I try to think of what I would like to transmit — how that item, or piece of clothing, or any one thing, moves me and how best I can communicate that. Sometimes it can be just a picture that I have in my head, that I have to represent, or a light that I want to achieve. Once I have the idea, I look for locations, inspiration for poses (I'm still learning in the modelling world) and props. Then, I’ll prepare the camera; I'll figure out which I'm going to use, what roll to take depending on the light, and then it’s off to shoot — the fun part!

Where do you find inspiration to evolve and develop your work?

Hannah: I love reading magazines, so I take a lot of inspiration from the fashion pages. I also find myself on walks and scout locations whilst I’m out and about — inspiration is everywhere!

Beatrice: Nowadays we live in a very visual world, so it’s easy to get inspired — maybe even a little overwhelmed. But I like to experiment and keep learning new techniques and lighting setups. Travel is a huge source of inspiration, so when it’s possible I like to plan a little escape.

Hannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's CollectionBeatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

Hannah: Originality to me means standing out and being different — being bold and brave with it — and having a distinctive style that is easily recognisable.

Beatrice: A true original has to be honest, to her/himself and to others. They have to be careless in a way that you don't mind what others may or may not think. They have to be brave, because being your true self takes courage. They need to be strong and kind, to themselves. It’s all about getting to know yourself, and that sometimes it’s a hard process.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

Beatrice: In order to stand out you need to be you. In my opinion, everybody has their own uniqueness, so you just need to explore that and don't be afraid to show the world.

Hannah: Being bold, being different and, most of all, being yourself.

Beatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

Why is it better to stand out than fit in?

Hannah: There are so many other people in this world. Why would you want to be someone else? No one can be you!

Beatrice: All my life I tried to fit in, to not be too loud for fear of being different. But in my experience, that’s not what makes you happy, because you are limited. You don't feel free and you are always afraid of disappointing people, instead of looking for your own happiness. So, you must look for what makes you experience true joy.

What do you love most about the new Barbour International Sports Luxe collection?

Hannah: I really love how wearable the collection is. It’s so easy to mix and match the different pieces together into complete outfits. It’s effortless! I’ve fallen in love with the Victory jacket and it’s got me wanting to play around with different ways to style it with my current wardrobe.

Beatrice: It’s going to sound like a cliché, but honestly, the collection has that instant Rockstar vibe the moment that you put it on. They are great staples to have in your wardrobe — ones that are going to last for a long time, that help you feel comfortable and free to do what you love most.

Hannah styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's CollectionBeatrice styles the Barbour International SS21 Women's Collection

Showcase your creativity and update your own original style with the new SS21 Barbour International Women’s Collection.