Badge of an Original With Connie Constance

Badge of an Original With Connie Constance

To be an original is to tell your true story, even when it hasn’t been told before, because you know that someone, somewhere will need to hear it. In this series, we’ll be meeting truly authentic originals, who carry the spirit of Barbour International and wear the Badge of an Original wherever life takes them.

For our final instalment, we caught up with Connie Constance, an original singer-songwriter who is tearing up the rulebook and making her own destiny.

The sound of passion

I first started making music because I just wanted to write something that I could relate to. So, I started writing poems about how I felt or what I wanted to change in my life. After a while, it felt rewarding for those poems to become sound.

When people hear my music, I want them to feel that rush of power or I don’t care energy. Like they can take on the world and go and get whatever they have been dreaming of.

Connie Constance wears Barbour International

The mark of an original

I think being an original is about tranquillity in solitude. I always connect to people that seem pretty comfortable to be by themselves and live in their world. Not everyone needs to dye their hair crazy colours or throw their body up against the wall covered in paint to show that they are unique or original. It’s intriguing when people have a difference of opinion that feels like it’s come from lots of thought, rather than straight from a book or the mouth of another.

Being true to self

I write my own stories and tell them how I see them. That’s the most original thing I think people can do. We are all made up of different life experiences. Even if you meet someone and you think “wow, we’ve had the same life” haven’t. So, it’s our own individual job to tell our stories and our truths in our work. Because that story might change someone for the better. Or make them appreciate who they are and what they have to offer.

Owning your style

My style is very 90’s influenced. I think I’m basically reliving all the outfits I wanted to wear as a kid. I had Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss collaged all over my walls, so this era is deeply ingrained in my fashion choices. My music lives in a mid 70’s to the late 90’s time capsule.

Connie Constance wears Barbour InternationalConnie Constance wears Barbour International

Making your mark

I’d like to prove that it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from — you can do anything that takes your fancy. It really upsets me that we all don’t get the same chance in this world. At some point in my life, I’m going to dedicate a lot of time to helping children who haven’t had the luckiest starts in life. When I leave this earth, I want to feel like I’ve done what I can to leave it in a better shape than when I came here, even if that’s only by affecting one little angel’s life.

Just go for it

In life, you’ve got to put the passion in the pudding and get cooking. Seriously, time waits for no muggle, so the sooner you unlock your fairy-self the more fun you will have creating an immortal legacy. When those sparks of passion come along, it’s so important to run with it. I feel like it always pays off to go with your gut.

Rules for life

My mantra for life is, ‘jump the fence’, which basically means ditching your routine, or the current situation you’re in and hopping into something new.

Connie Constance wears Barbour InternationalConnie Constance wears Barbour International

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