Badge of an Original with Freddie Dobbs

Badge of an Original with Freddie Dobbs

The world’s truest originals are bound by one thing: a shared attitude to live authentically. To be so impassioned by what they do, that there isn’t time to look around at what others are doing. In this series, we’ll be getting to know truly authentic originals, who carry the spirit of Barbour International and wear the Badge of An Original roundel with pride.

First up is Freddie Dobbs, an original bike enthusiast and adventure seeker.

Freddie Dobbs Barbour InternationalFreddie Dobbs Barbour International

The road to adventure

Motorcycling and adventure go hand in hand. I’ve been riding for nine years now, and I still get the same level of excitement now as I did when I first started. It gives you absolute freedom, on your own terms. There are very few limits with motorbikes; no train timetables, no crazy traffic jams.

Where it all began

My love for motorcycling began back when I was working in a warehouse on the outskirts of London. One of my colleagues was a biker, and he’d talk for hours about his adventures. He gave me his old biking jacket, a neck warmer and a book to get started with — it was his passion for bikes that really inspired me.

Freddie Dobbs wears Barbour International

Being true to yourself

To me, an original is someone who chases their dream, regardless of all potential obstacles. They’re single-minded in their will to achieve their goal. Setting their own path and going for it. I strive for this wherever I can. I try to follow my passions which naturally keeps the lust for life strong and enthusiasm high! Whether I fail or succeed, the most important thing in my mind is that I’ve tried.

The style of an original

I’ve loved Barbour International after seeing old pictures of Steve McQueen in his Barbour International jackets from the 60s. The style is timeless — it looks as cool now as it did over fifty years ago. Barbour International is an aspirational brand for me, and it was a very happy moment when I finally bought my first Barbour International jacket.

Freddie Dobbs wears Barbour InternationalFreddie Dobbs wears Barbour International

Ready for anything

Whether I’m up a mountain in the pouring rain, on a plane or in Central London, Barbour International fits into every aspect of my life. It’s a very rare thing to find clothing that looks just as good in a muddy field as it does in a meeting. Somehow Barbour does just that.

An attitude to live by

In my early 20s, I read a few surveys about the older generation’s thoughts on life. Every time they listed “worry less” and “take more risks” as things they would change, if they could go back in time. Ever since then, I always have that firmly imprinted at the forefront of my mind. I think we usually regret the things we don’t do, rather than things we do, so I try and jump into every opportunity that presents itself to me.

I think this quote by Samuel Beckett sums it up best, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

You’re never too young, too old, or too inexperienced to try something new — I’d love for that to somehow be the mark I leave on the world.

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