B.Intl AW20 Menswear: Like Father, Like Son

B.Intl AW20 Menswear: Like Father, Like Son

As the old saying goes, ‘fashion fades, but style is eternal’. What we choose to wear reflects who we are and what we’re passionate about — it should last the test of time and go beyond trends. So, we caught up with artists, sharp dressers, and father and son, Reuben James, and Joe Butler, to give us their takes on the new AW20 Menswear collection and show us what timeless style really means.

B.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and JoeB.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and Joe

Fashion Runs in the Family

Reuben: The earliest memory I have of my dad's style is definitely his long overcoats. As a painter, he would always don a painter's lab jacket, which I thought was super cool — it had lots of colours and he’d always dress up teal sharp for special occasions, which inspired me to get into wearing suits.

Joe: Reuben’s style has evolved from teenage clothes to his current look. He’s definitely a style guru and trendsetter. His collection of hats is awesome, and he wears them with aplomb. He’s always pin-sharp when dressed for a gig and walking with him can be fun because he turns heads. He has inspired me to be less conservative with my outfits.

B.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and Joe

True, Timeless Style

Reuben: Timeless style to me is all about being fearless and being able to be confident in wearing exactly what you want and feel comfortable and swag at the same time. It’s an extension of your personality and how most people get to know you on first impression.

Joe: To me, you can’t beat good quality tailoring when you want your outfit to look timeless.

Taking Note from the Icons

Reuben: Growing up with Elvis and Dean Martin, and literally anyone I saw in a black and white movie, inspired my style. I love how elegant and timeless those outfits from back in the day feel now — that’s always been my main go-to.

Joe: If I could look as elegant as Cary Grant in the Hitchcock film, To Catch a Thief, I’d be very happy.

Style to Look up to

Reuben: My dad's style in life and in painting inspired my fashion because I love how free and original he was on the canvas. He’d always push me to do my own thing and would never give advice or tell me what to wear. He was always super happy that I was just being myself and wearing what made me feel good.

B.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and JoeB.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and Joe

B.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and Joe

Styling the Menswear Collection

Reuben: I love the new Menswear collection. For my look, I chose pieces that I felt reflected my personality. I love the Crank Boots especially, and the West Way jacket. It feels good to be wearing a brand which makes me feel proud to be British.

Joe: The Patch Pocket trousers and Dredd boots were a brilliant touch. All I needed was a Triumph bike and I'd be like Marlon Brando — well, a bit of work needed as well.

Creating a Timeless Wardrobe

Joe: It’s so easy to wear the current fashions, but it's much more rewarding to think carefully about what really suits you, and Barbour International has got me hooked on their timeless style. I’m very proud to be wearing a brand that came from the North East and has its roots in seafaring and fishing.

B.Intl AW20 Menswear with Reuben and Joe

On Being Original

Reuben: Being original is everything to me — I strive for it with my music on a day-to-day basis, and also with my fashion. I try to express myself and my personality in the most authentic way I know how. If it feels like me and I have that initial gut reaction that I love it, then I’m going to run with it. It’s all about your confidence and the way you wear something. You can make the simplest outfit look swag by the way you carry yourself in it.

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