At Home with Lindsey Holland, Nicole Crentsil and Emma-Louise Boynton

At Home with Lindsey Holland, Nicole Crentsil and Emma-Louise Boynton

The world of work has changed, with more and more people turning their passions into businesses. But it’s not without hard work, and while hustling for what you love is incredible, it's still important to rest too. So, to celebrate the launch of our downtime-worthy Sport Luxe collection, we assembled a team of today's original creators and entrepreneurs to give us an insight into their experiences, and how the AW21 Sport Luxe collection helps them transition between city and home life.

Introducing author and podcast host Lindsey Holland, Black Girl Fest CEO Nicole Crentsil and Her Hustle founder Emma-Louise Boynton.

Emma-Louise Boynton wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe CollectionNicole Crentsil wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

How did Her Hustle come to be?

Emma-Louise: Her Hustle was born from a mutual frustration between myself and my co-founder at how poor career advice was at a time in our lives when we felt we needed good guidance most (our mid-twenties). Too much was being left up to chance, so we decided to create the very platform we both needed at that time, which would collect and curate work-life advice from brilliant women working at all different stages of their career (not just those at the top).

How did you take the leap and write your own book?

Lindsey: It was a really lovely, serendipitous moment. Lizzy and I had done two wonderful seasons of our podcast 'Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum' and a publisher got in touch and wanted to meet us to discuss moving the podcast into a book. It was the most amazing process and we loved writing it together. It feels incredibly surreal, still! I was recently shopping with my mum, and she picked up my book in a bookshop and we both just stood there staring at it!

Lindsey Holland wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe CollectionEmma-Louise Boynton wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

What was the process of co-writing your own book like?

Lindsey: We were so lucky with the whole process as we both have totally different tones of voice, and it just flowed really well. We've been told often that it's really easy to identify each of our voices in the book too. The process was lovely, we spent a lot of time together, and over video, calls to plan our chapters, read one another's work, laughing and crying a lot! The release humbled us both so much, the support and beautiful messages we have had since its release has reminded us why we wanted to do it in the first place; to be honest and open in the hope that it helps someone going through something similar in their life.

What led you to create Black Girl Fest?

Nicole: Black Girl Fest was born out of a desire to create more spaces where I could connect with other Black women. This led to an even greater awareness that this space was so needed for more people in our community.

As a creator of multiple businesses, what sparks you to leap into a new project and or company?

Nicole: Seeing a problem in the industry and building new methods to solve them. I’m inspired by creating a vision of a world where that problem doesn’t exist, and I'll continue to work until I get there.

Nicole Crentsil wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe CollectionLindsey Holland wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

How do you make time for rest between your busy life?

Lindsey: I think as I've gotten older, I've learned how to slow down. If I don't have a balance of being social, and then time to look after myself at home, I burn out quite quickly. I say no to much more than I ever have these days, which can be a really powerful thing too. To restore balance, I need to swim often and be at home in my comfortable clothes — usually with a share bag of chocolate, that I won't share with anyone.

Nicole: I try to practice stillness often. I really enjoy being in my own company, so whenever I can, I go for walks, watch films or read a book to relax.

Emma-Louise: I always make time to read, and I see that as my downtime. I wish I spent more time reading actually as there is no better way to feed your brain. I also see exercise as ‘rest’ from work and make time for it every day. It’s the one non-negotiable in my life. If I don’t work out then I can’t be the best version of myself in other aspects of my life.

What advice would you give to someone who is striving to start something amazing? What do you wish you’d known?

Emma-Louise: Sometimes you have to throw everything at the wall just to see what sticks because you never really know where things will take you. In terms of some practical tips, here are a few things I’ve learned from my own experiences: One, do something you’re passionate about! Two, get a co-founder/ partner-in-crime and three, stay focused!

Nicole: Always focus on the vision first. What are you trying to achieve? Who are you trying to impact? This will help anchor you when you start.

Lindsey: It's always been really important to maintain authenticity. If you're wanting to put your passion into creative projects, you've got to go with what you truly love, something that really makes you happy. Stay in your lane and don't worry about what anyone else is doing because the short of it is, they aren't you.

What defines an original? And how do you try to cultivate originality?

Emma-Louise: Originality to me means defining success on your own terms and pursuing a career path of your own making. The joy of getting older is realising that there is not one set path for anyone and that you’re free to architect your life and your career however you want.

Lindsey: Being original comes easy when you stick to what makes you happiest — what you're most passionate about. Trying to replicate something that already exists won't work. Take inspiration from everything around you and you'll be able to nail on what it is you feel most connected to.

Nicole: Someone who is unapologetically themselves and celebrates that. Someone who carves their own lane – a leader and trailblazer. I try to be one every day by being my authentic self.

Nicole Crentsil wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe CollectionLindsey Holland wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

Talk us through your styling of the Sports Luxe collection…

Nicole: Comfort, and sleek style. I love gold accent colours, so love the detailing on the jackets.

Emma-Louise: I love this collection because it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I’m wearing the white Chicane Top, the black Monza Knit and the Zolder Quilt jacket.

Lindsey: I like to be comfy at home, so I styled the Monza Knit with some bike shorts, socks and trainers. The hoodie is super easy to wear, easy to throw on and feels really chic too.

How does the collection work with your own personal style?

Emma-Louise: I love the simplicity of the Sports Luxe range and the quality of every garment. I wear a lot of gold jewellery (more is always more in my eyes) so I prefer to keep my outfits sleek and pared-back, and then layering loads of jewellery on top. The Sports Luxe collection has so many pieces that are the perfect base for this sort of styling. Quality is also really important to me and I love a thick, luxurious-feeling cotton top, which is just the epitome of comfy ‘n’ cosy is it not? That’s why the white Chicane top is my favourite piece in the collection.

Nicole: It’s really easy to layer up which is perfect for the unpredictable weather.

Lindsey: I love how easy it is to integrate into everyday wear, I've reached for my hoodie every time it's not in the wash! I wear it at home and when I go swimming. Two of my favourite things about the collection is the quality, it's all so soft and comfortable, and I love how chilled and chic it looks integrated into my existing wardrobe.

Emma-Louise Boynton wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

What motto do you live by?

Lindsey: To always be kind.

Nicole: Everything you’ve ever wanted is already yours, it’s just about how you go and get it.

Emma-Louise: Ask for forgiveness, not permission. And also, done is better than perfect.

If you could choose the legacy of your work, what would you want it to be?

Nicole: I’d like my work to live beyond me. For my name to be written within history as a changemaker.

Emma-Louise: To make people feel. Whether that is by moving someone to tears through a particularly poignant podcast interview, making someone feel empowered and emboldened to start something new, helping someone feel excited about a new idea, or helping a woman feel seen and understood in her experiences by sharing mine with honesty.

Lindsey: That I helped someone to feel less alone in some small way.

Nicole Crentsil wears the Barbour International AW21 Sports Luxe Collection

Follow Emma-Louise’s, Lindsey’s and Nicole’s story about the importance of rest for a busy lifestyle, and how the new Sports Luxe collection is perfect for downtime, here. Or, find your original style by shopping the collection.