Women’s Quilts: Originals for Your Radar

Women’s Quilts: Originals for Your Radar

Each generation presents us with new icons. Authentic people who lead the way, live by their own rules and stand out from the crowd. So, we went on a hunt to find this generation’s creative pioneers, and we found poet Sophia Thakur, writer Liz Hew and DJ Tara Griffin.

We caught up with these talented three to find out about their lives, their passions, and what originality means to them. With that, allow us to introduce the originals you’ll want on your radar.

liz hew wears the barbour international quilt

Discovering Your Passion

Sophia: Poetry entered my life through the medium of music. I was blown away by the ability of one line to wrap itself around everything I was feeling at that point in time and tell me that I wasn’t alone in what I was going through. I knew that anything that powerful, that graceful, that welcoming, was something that I needed to be a part of. Once I let poetry have my time, it changed me. It transformed how I saw the world. People became their stories. Places became pictures to re-paint in verse. Everything suddenly had a feeling to explore. A rhythm. A reason.

Liz: As a child, I would write and create anything that came to mind: diaries, short stories accompanied with illustrations (I’ve lost track of how many I started!), super specific zines focused around my interests, screenplays, and even menus of imaginary restaurants and cafés — the list goes on. My route into writing has been quite unconventional, in that I didn’t study journalism or intern at magazines, but the appreciation for words has always been there.

Tara: My passion for Djing started back when I used to run my own club nights in Camden. I would book DJs, then I thought I’d give it a go myself! I started out there, then began getting booked for some really cool venues and events around London — even festivals. Playing to a crowd is so much fun, it feels amazing to see everyone having fun, and I’m usually behind the decks dancing with my cocktail too.

sophia thakur wears the barbour international quilt tara styles the barbour international quilted jacket

The Meaning of Originality

Sophia: The only thing that can ever be original is your own truth. I get that it’s becoming more and more difficult to be authentic in this age of social media, but I believe that it’s also one of the only journeys worth committing to. Originality is what happens when honesty and confidence crash into each other. It’s the bond between how you feel, and how you express that feeling. Free of comparison. Separate from somebody else's lane. It’s the faith in your own flavour that will carry you into your own beautiful originality.

Tara: I think being original is just being completely true to yourself and your own mind. Taking inspiration from things and people but executing them in your own unique way that shows your personality.

Liz: To me, a true original is someone who fully embraces their idiosyncrasies and uniqueness; someone who isn’t necessarily caught up in chasing the latest trends; someone who isn’t afraid of using their voice for the better; someone who wants to facilitate good change — who wants to bring a difference in the world; someone who strives to truly love themselves in all aspects, as self-love is a radical act. A true original isn’t preoccupied with what their peers are doing, they march to the beat of their own drum, constantly inspire those around them and leave a lasting impression.

tara styles the barbour international quilt

Finding Your Own Style

Liz: I believe people are already drawn to styles that really suit them best; if you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you carry yourself differently. There’s a different spark that people possess when they’re truly owning the outfit they’re wearing. If you find your eye is inspired by a different look that you’re used to, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works best for you!

Sophia: I ask myself in the mirror...do I feel good? Does this outfit make me feel good? Does it make me feel powerful? Pretty? Strong? Confident? As long as it makes me feel something positive, it belongs to me. I encourage everybody to do the same. To turn off Instagram. Close the laptop and the style guides for just a second and be honest with your own reflection. Does this outfit feel like me? If it doesn’t and it makes you uncomfortable or less confident...perhaps that look isn’t for you? But if it does make you smize, smile and strut around your room, darling...walk that walk honey. That is all you!

Tara: You’ve just got to experiment until you find what feels right to the person you are. Don’t try and be someone else, wear things that make you feel confident and like you. Find styles you like and try them. Instagram and Pinterest are great for ideas if you’re feeling a bit lost.

liz styles the international quilt jacketsophia wears the international quilt

Styling the Collection

Liz: I love the versatility of the women’s quilts. Each piece has a classic silhouette that is easy to mix and match with other items in your closet, so you can create a capsule collection using very few designs. Pieces such as oversized knitwear are great worn with longer boots, and basic sweaters can be paired with virtually any pair of jeans and Chelsea boots. I love that these pieces are great for transitional weather that you can wear for most of the year.

Tara: I think the quilts collection is really classic, so I went for simple styling of the sweatshirt, jeans and boots. It’s great for a comfortable day look, whilst still being stylish. Sometimes simplicity is best. I love how every piece is just so easy to wear. Casual but stylish, and also really practical for the autumn/winter season. It’s hard to come by a great jacket that has a perfect mix of both practicality and style and the quilts collection is just that.

Sophia: There’s something about a good pair of boots that makes me feel like such a boss. I’ve paired the black boots with a white jacket for the contrast. I love to wear bold colours — it adds to my feeling of confidence.

I love the variety of the Quilts collection. There’s something for a cute lunch, a business dinner and a chilled evening in. As someone who dressed according to who I want to embody that day...there’s so many characters I can uncover from this collection.

liz wears the international quilt

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