Barbour International X Saturdays NYC Q&A

Barbour International X Saturdays NYC Q&A

The Barbour International X Saturdays NYC collection combines the surf and city culture of Saturdays NYC and Barbour International's rich motorcycling heritage. To celebrate the launch, we sat down with the team at Saturdays NYC, to find out more about the inspiration behind the collection.

What made you interested in working with Barbour International on a collection?

Barbour International is an iconic name in the worlds of both outerwear and motorcycling, so when they approached us to work together, we jumped at the chance to rework some of their most storied pieces. Together, we created pared-back alternatives of their rugged outerwear pieces that fit right at home in New York City, as well as more graphic led pieces that refresh the Barbour International identity. We’re thrilled at how the collection turned out, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

The two waxed cotton outerwear pieces are obvious standouts, but my personal favorite is the fleece-lined mid-layer. When the samples arrived it was the first thing I threw on. The fit is incredible and it’s lined with some of the softest fleece fabrics I’ve ever felt. Can’t wait to wear that one.

Barbour International X Saturdays NYCBarbour International X Saturdays NYC

What are the stand-out design features of this collection?

We went super sleek with this entire collection. Jet black fabrics are paired with matted black hardware and trim details to give classic Barbour styles a more seamless look. We liked the idea of skinning the entire jacket in one muted color to allow fabrics like corduroy and waxed cotton to shine based on their texture and not just their appearance.

What is the best thing about creating a capsule collection?

The best part of collaboration to us is always the ability to create something with a partner that you wouldn’t be able to alone. Barbour has been an incredible collaborator and we were in lockstep the entire way.

Tell us about the accessories featured in this collection. Why are they important?

It’s rare that you’ll catch me without one of our bags by my side. Whether commuting by bike or just stepping out to meet a friend at a nearby restaurant, I always keep my essentials close by. It just made sense to create a new set of bags given the sturdiness of Barbour International’s fabrics and quality of their production process.

Barbour International X Saturdays NYC

What is the inspiration behind the designs in this collection?

We tried to apply our design ethos to this collaboration as if it were any other season for us. We wanted to create something timeless and wearable that could pair with any other piece from Saturdays collections.

What was the design process like for working with Barbour International?

Barbour really let us lead the way in everything from concept to product design to campaign shoot. They were incredibly willing to let us explore our imagination and dream up whatever we wanted. We’re thankful for that.

What are you passionate about as a brand?

We’re passionate about making great products, having fun, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We realize our community has a great deal of more important things to focus on outside of just clothing—whether that’s standing up for a cause, spending time with family, or exploring the outdoors—and we’re here to support them in all of those.

Barbour International X Saturdays NYCBarbour International X Saturdays NYC

Find your signature style in the Barbour International X Saturdays NYC collection, or discover more about the campaign here.