The Creative Buzz of the City with Cyran Field-Bampton

The Creative Buzz of the City with Cyran Field-Bampton

The creative buzz of the city with Cyran Field-Bampton
autumn winter 2019
Meet Cyran Field-Bampton — the most stylish example of ‘having it all’. As a corporate fashion aficionado, legal extraordinaire, fabulous mother and podcast host (breath), Cyran’s plate is full, but that doesn’t stop her from continuously pushing the definition of success. Her blog, Corporate Style Story (and affiliated social pages) are considered by many as a work-wear style bible; a feed of beautiful content with a powerful message behind it.

We caught up with Cyran on a trip around her favourite create London hotspots, to talk about what motivates her, and get her expert eye on our new Sport Luxe collection.

A Creative Escape

Corporate Style Story is actually my second blog, I started a ‘mummy’ blog when my daughter was born and at that time, whilst it fed my desire for creativity, it actually allowed me to create a community of online friends — something I desperately needed. I was working full-time and a new mother, and I didn’t want to write about being a mother too. I needed my creative release to be just that, a release.

When I was returning to work after maternity leave, I searched online for ‘workwear inspo’ and couldn’t find anyone in the UK who was wearing brands that I could easily get hold of. Even in the US, there were only one or two workwear bloggers. The industry was really behind, even though we spend the majority of our time in these clothes compared to what we wear to work! When my daughter was slightly older and more independent, I decided to start another blog to address the age-old conundrum “I have nothing to wear”, but specifically related to workwear. And Corporate Style Story was born.

Keeping the Ideas Going

I’ve found that taking time out is key to keeping the ideas flowing. It doesn’t have to be long — it can, of course, be a trip or holiday, but it can also be an afternoon away from your desk, a walk in the park on your own or even just properly taking a lunch break to get some headspace. I like spending time in bookshops and leafing through all the new books on offer and getting lots of inspiration from them.

Cyran Field-Bampton

On Having it All

I always say that you can totally have what you want. You create your life; you decide what you want it to look like and then you set about getting it. The first step is to decide what you want. That can be really difficult to some people for a number of reasons: perhaps they don’t feel ‘deserving’ of what they truly want or it’s too big a vision and if that’s the case then I encourage people to break it down. I encourage people to look at their life and decide what they’d like more or less of, then focus on what you want. Imagine what it feels like to have more of want you want, even if its more time spent reading your favourite book or time spent seeing more of your favourite people. The next step is to believe you can have it, because you can. Hard work and dedication will get you most places in life. Then repeat.

Cyran Field-Bampton Cyran Field-Bampton Cyran Field-Bampton

Love for Fashion

I’ve always loved personal style and figuring out what mine is, I use clothes to express myself and I’ve been through so many different phases in my life. My mum and dad have always had great style, if my mum couldn’t find something she wanted to dress us in, she used to make it for us. I still have some pieces in my own wardrobe that belonged to my mother, and back when people actually used to print photos and put them in an album, I would look at those photos of my mum and dad with their friends and they looked so stylish. I could see that they really liked fashion back then and used it to express themselves. And now I do the same.

The Importance of Fashion

People make their minds up about us in five seconds of meeting us. In a world that is obsessed with aesthetics, I think it’s important to be intentional with the message you’re putting out there, certainly at work and when it’s important to your career trajectory, I try to influence those statistics as positively as I can by dressing well for the occasion. Conversely, I think it’s really important to express yourself how you want to — I don’t plan many outfits in advance because I like to see how I feel on the day. My friends laugh at me for this, but what if I’ve planned a really fitting dress and I don’t feel like wearing something so body conscious on that day? I always try to have options and work with those as much as possible.

The Versatility of Sports Luxe

I love the fact that all the pieces from the Sports Luxe collection all work together, that it’s a luxury sportswear collection. When I dress down I like to wear pieces that are functional but are still luxurious and sophisticated. I don’t think we should compromise just because we’re dressing in a more relaxed way. I love that this is still a nod to traditional pieces in the collection along with traditional tailoring, you can dress the collection up or down. As we want our clothes to do more for us

Styling the Collection

There are so many pieces in the collection that you can create gorgeous outfits with, I love the Barbour Durant Jeans, they are cut to the ankle and are perfect length to be worn with trainers and also to tuck into boots. Depending on your style, you can go as bold as you want to with the athleisure logo-style, full-sized logo or small lozenge branding.

I’ve styled the current Barbour International collection for an “off-duty” look; the boots have an iconic Barbour International vibe and they’re really comfortable. When I’m out at about on the weekends, we tend to use public transport to get around, so my footwear needs to be functional and these really work.

The Garrow Sweater in white is another piece I love, teamed with the Durant Jeans in white too – here you have a perfect transitional look for Autumn that you can even take you into Winter as ‘winter whites’ is a huge trend this season and a great way to wear the collection. White aren’t just for Summer.

Some Stylish Advice

My advice when it comes to finding your perfect workwear look is, don’t try too hard to be ‘stylish’. Find the core styles that fit your body and stick to these and mix in trends from the high street. Most importantly, have fun! Cultivating a personal style takes time so enjoy it and don’t worry too much, it’s a great opportunity to get creative!

Discover the full AW19 Barbour International Sport Luxe collection here.